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Licorice Finance Solutions (Licorice) is a division of Mentor Accounting & Training Elite Services Pty.Ltd.   Licorice was created by the principals of Mentor Accounting who had been involved in the finance industry for many years and had become increasingly frustrated by the lack of quality service provided by existing Mortgage Brokers. They saw an opportunity to make a name in the finance industry by doing more than simply sourcing any old   finance product as can often be the case with other brokers. Licorice Finance Solutions does exactly what it's name says, it provides finance solutions to individuals and businesses in all sorts of situations.


All Sorts of Loans for All Sorts of Reasons" means exactly what it says. Licorice Finance is a Finance Broker and Mortgage Originator which gives us a broader range of products than most brokers as you can see from our home page. We do not have access to every lender and every product available, but nobody does no matter what they tell you.

To thoroughly assess your finance situation and objectives and advise on the best structure and products to achieve your goals now and into the future.


Licorice is not a broker whose sole objective is to write massive volumes of loans. Unfortunately this is the objective of a large number of brokers who are more concerned about getting their volume up rather than ensuring that they find the best the best solution for you.


Before we even consider advising you on finance products, we conduct a comprehensive and free finance assessment to clearly establish your situation. (Not many brokers will do this). We offer advice on how to structure your finance for maximum benefit including tax implications; as accountants we can legally do this. (Brokers cannot do this unless they also are accountants). We establish your objectives and discuss how best to achieve them and monitor your progress.( Most brokers will source a product and that's it) When you contact us to review your finance situation you will be allocated a Mortgage Mentor ( see below) who will deal with you exclusively throughout the entire process.( We don't know of anyone else who does this).


A Mortgage Mentor is a person who will work with you to facilitate the entire process from enquiry to loan settlement to ongoing advice and support. Their sole purpose is to ensure that you get the correct advice and establish the best way to achieve your objectives. You do not start by ringing a call centre, being shuffled to a loan officer then perhaps a branch and back to the call centre when you have any problems. Your Mortgage Mentor will be available to you at all reasonable times; if they cannot be contacted there will always be a Mentor available at Licorice.